Limited Edition Shawl - Historic Scottish Golf

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Limited Edition Shawl

Ladies Gifts
This luxury Ladies Shawl case has been individually hand crafted using selected matched real burr wood veneers, and artisan construction techniques. To retain the definition and colour hues from the original photographic plates and images, 15 layers of hand applied lacquers and hours of hand polishing are used to achieve a near perfect rendition of these Historic Golfing references.

With over 400 years of Golf history and heritage, Scotland is famed globally as the cradle of golf from which many of the early origins and traditions were born, including the development in playing clubs and balls to etiquette and rules of the game.

In recognition of time honoured traditions in dress codes both on and off the course, Historic Scottish Golf have created this Unique Limited Edition Luxury shawl with the inspiration and design style that was made famous during the early 19th century in the town of Paisley (which lies just to the west of Glasgow). Historic Scottish Golf commissioned Valentina Pysander (Moscow Academy of Art) to produce a vibrant work of art that encapsulated all the cultural heritage and colour hues of the period.

Creating the finest blend of super soft cashmere wool and 100% pure silk, our Luxury shawl weave holds the design that has been printed using a centuries old printing technique, twelve different colours are individually layered and applied by hand to the luxury base material bringing the infamous Paisley Pattern to life.

Silky Soft and wonderfully warm to the touch this luxury shawl brings perfect harmony to Scottish heritage and style.
This wonderful presentation case can be used as a ladies heirloom quality ‘keep sake’ box. 
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