Humidor - Historic Scottish Golf

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Each exclusive Open Champions Humidor has been hand crafted using selected matched real burr wood veneers and artisan construction techniques, to retain the definition and colour hues of the original photographic plates fifteen layers of hand applied lacquers and hours of hand polishing are used to achieve a near perfect rendition of these Historic Golfing references.

Allan Robertson was not only the son of an early golf club manufacturer based at St. Andrews, he himself became one of the most respected producers of clubs and balls of his time. Alan also enjoyed playing golf and was a very proficient player. It was said that when money was waged he never lost a game or match thus gaining him the reputation of being the grandfather of professional golfers. Alan was for many years the Champion golfer in Scotland he died in 1859 at the age of 44.

As a mark of respect, in 1860 it was decided that an event should be held to establish who would be the new champion golfer. This great historical event, as we know it today, is known as the ‘Open Championship’.

This Open Champions humidor celebrates the early beginnings and winners of the Open, players came from all parts of the UK and Ireland. today the Open returns to St. Andrews every five years to be played at the home of golf.
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