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Heritage Ball Presentation

Heritage Collection
Duddingston 1898 depicts the scene of a challenge match between two of the leading amateur players of the day: F.G. Tait (who won the British Amateur title in 1896 and 1898 and came 3rd in the Open on no less than 6 occassions. His partner was Leslie M. Balfour Melville, who in addition to being the British Amateur Champion in 1895 also played for Scotland at Cricket.

Their opponents were Ben Sayers (the shortest player in the scene), although having never won the Open he was a leading innovator in the manufacture of golf clubs and reknown for instructing many members of the British Royal Family on how to play golf. His partner was Willie Auchterlaine who won the Open Championship at the age of just 21 (the second youngest person to win the event). He later became an Honorary Professional at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club.

This unique Genuine Antique Four Ball Collection contains balls that were once used by players from all parts of the United Kingdom. They are all in original condition, some showing signs of weathering and aging over the years. Strike marks may be present from the impact of early hand etched faces during the Hickory shafted club period.

Owing to the rarity of the balls, NO two presentations are ever the same, all of the enclosed balls are deemed playable.  
Heritage Ball Presentation
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