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Heritage Ball & Spoons

Heritage Collection
Each exclusive Heritage Presentation is totally unique and certified original by Historic Scottish Golf.

Every ball that we present is from the Hickory Shafted Club era, this may show visible signs of weathering and aging. In some cases, strike marks are present from the myriad of clubhead face markings of that period. All of our presented balls would have been used on golf courses all over the United Kingdom and are totally original, these balls are all deemed playable.

Awarding solid Silver Golf spoons to competition winners can be traced back to the early 1900’s. Designs of the spoons varied from club to club and from year to year, the weight of the silver in the spoon back in the day was very valuable.

Until the late 1920’s only men were awarded competition silver spoons, ladies would have won silver buttons usually with the name of the golf club stamped into the design, from the 1930’s sets of spoons were starting to be awarded to tournament winners, although rare ladies silver spoons from this era can be found and are prized by collectors.

Many of the spoons would have been crafted by renowned silversmiths in London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh. A vital feature on all the spoons are the hallmarks which had to be carried on all British silver by law, these marks help us today in dating and proving their provenance.
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